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Home of America's 1st Women's


"An Olympic Dream can be anything one chooses in life to pursue

in becoming the best you can be"  bdk

2020 Marks our 20th Year Anniversary for Gymnastics

25th Year Anniversary for High Altitude Cross Training





Have a Healthy Happy Holiday

Snow Shadow director is still in progress of structuring the mobile office for future health and educational services.

* Private High Altitude Cross Training fitness designs

*** Out Reach program for Alternative Developmental Enrichment for individuals with disabilities

Seeking Interested Physiotherapists to engage in Phase 1

of 3 for beginning new locations


With everchanging conditions taking place. Coach Kirk's intent of offering health and educational program designs will again take its place in the near future.  

Director of Snow Shadow has scheduled a short-term Sabbatical for further  Educational Health Studies



Snow Shadow Director is grateful and appreciates all students that attended physical and educational instructional classes, and participating clients for their continued support.



Keep Up to Date Using our Website Social Media Content

as Coach reveal's new content and discoveries




Snow Shadow Gym received valid information the facility will be under new management

Snow Shadow Gymnastics will be postponing instructional classes at the

535 South 1st street location for reassessing instructional design of future

program developments.

Sincere appreciation to all patrons for your understanding in this occurrence.


Status of the Snow Shadow Gym Facility

More information will be available soon. 



Snow Shadow Gymnastics is Now Accepting Registration for Personal Private Instruction

Beginning May 20, 2020

Limited Days and Time Slots

As of May 24, 2020

Covid-19 Questionnaires Are Required to be Filled-Out Before Private Scheduled Can Be Approved

e-mail: for Information 



Snow Shadow Gym Preparing for a Slow Re-Start

New Specific Rules, Policies and Guidelines must be Followed

For more details and Schedule for Private Classes

See contact page for details.

Your Name can be Added to the Register List 



Snow Shadow Gym Virtual and Reality Fitness In Home Cyber Fitness Program now has its own Web-page. In the menu bar simply:  Click on it you will be directed to SSGRVF New Program for new Developments or you can Search it by name.

Continued support is greatly appreciated and needed.  Patience is still the message in regard to Re-Opening. Snow Shadow Gym does have a re-start plan of action ready. For the health and safety of all students, family and everyone. Coaches concern for the safety of all, is the Number 1 Factor in this situation. And will not be rushed in making a hasty decision. In the meantime, "Get On Board and Rocket yourself to Fitness"  you will need your strength, to get back on the equipment...  



*Network security team made aware there is a Misspelled Snow Shadow Gymnastics site. 

Greetings from Coach Kirk,

1st - Keep Practicing Sheltering in Place

Coach Kirk has Launched, Snow Shadow Gym Virtual and Reality Fitness

All students Registered during March 2020 Eligible to Receive

CYBER "5- Mode Program"  

Beginner Stage - 1 Cadet Level  a FREE 2 Week In-Home Evaluation Fitness assignment do to Temporary Closer of the facility as of  March 14, 2020. This will begin a 2 week Make-up class program for students during the Month of March

Cyber 5- Mode is designed to offer five different levels for health fitness based on a Futuristic Theme

Take Control of Your Keyboard and Launch off, with us in this new and exciting 'Cyber - 5' Fitness Adventure

Beginner Cadet thru  Advanced Pilot

'Cyber - 5 Mode' Stage - 1 Packet, is now available Simply Click Menu Bar


UPDATE: 3-23-20

Snow Shadow Gym facility will continue to observe health safety policies and extend Temporary Closure Period for all our students and family members that attend any and all classes here at Snow Shadow Gym. As disheartening as it is, We must keep our hearts healthy. Keep stretching and remember push-ups and sit-ups are super healthy for our hearts.

A New exercise to practice:  Sheltering in Place, #1 Rule Be kind to one another  

Coach is working out the last few glitches on internet connections, and will be posting health and fitness videos soon

UPDATE: 3-19-2020 

Greetings all students, High Altitude Alumni, Families and new contacts,

In process of updating internet system to Home Office

Stay healthy and follow the Health Guidelines rules and policies 

Dear Private and Public Sectors,

From the beginning, "Snow Shadow Gymnastics is all about Health for Now and in the Future",  And will continue to be...

My concern is not just for athletes, but also all citizens in and around our communities.  After vigilant thought in consideration of the health concerns now and in the future.

    Snow Shadow  Will Be CLOSED for One Week Beginning

            Saturday March 14, - Sunday April 26, 2020

     During this day to day, week to week, what I will refer to as

                             "Health Observation Week". 

Coach Kirk will continue to Re-Access the nature of CREDITABLE INFORMATION to provide a safer remedy to combat this pandemic strain upon us all.  And in turn, will Resume Normal Class Schedule as soon as possible. 

Make-Up Classes will be offered for all gymnasts for the month of March 

A Special Thanks to all the families and Students that attended the Snow Shadow "I Love Gymnastics" presentation Saturday February 15, 2020

Simplest way to Start a Gymnastics Program

Contact: Coach Kirk

High Altitude Training Camps

Colorado Outdoor High Altitude Summer Camp Schedule is Underway

* Body Fit Camp  * Environmental Science Camp  *  Strength & Conditioning Camp

* Snow Shadow Gymnastics High Altitude Cross-Training Camp

Click High Altitude Camps Page

Snow Shadow Gymnastics High Altitude Cross-Training

Summer Camp Fitness



Portion of all proceeds will be used for Alternative Developmental Enrichment and Cultural Arts program Scholarship Funds


Honorable Shihan Demura

See Documentary / the Real Miyagi

September 8-10, 2019

Montrose Martial Arts

Host: Snow Shadow High Altitude Cross-Training below

2018 Testing, Practice, & New Moves

Sunday September 9, 2018

Bokken Practice & Demonstration

Registraion 9:00-10:00 am


Shihan FUMIO DEMURA Arrives below

Friday September 8, 2017

Not only Karate Seminar But Mr. Fumio Demura also offers Snow Shadow Gymnastics a Japanese Cultural Exchange program

Sunday September 11, 2017

Mr. Demura opens Sunday morning lesson with Japanese Brush Writing  above followed with Origami      right




 >>>> SPECIAL EVENTS  <<<<

Portion of all proceeds will be used for Alternative Developmental Enrichment and Cultural Arts program Scholarship Funds right

Register for Monthly Classes 
  Mon. - Fri. 5:30-7:30 PM
Maria Gonzalez
Certified ZUMBA Instructor

Reserve Space for Special Events in the Grand Room


Sign-Up Anytime Year-Round for GYMNASTICS Classes

'"Make your Dreams Come to Life"  

Snow Shadow Gym is all about Health. Over 40 years in the field of Olympic Style Gymnastics based in Montrose, Colorado.

 "America's 1st Women's Gymnastics High Altitude Cross-Training program of it's kind in the United States". est. design 1992 Bruce D. Kirk

"Where its Never Lonely at the Top"

Lobby Hours Vary e-mail for Appointment to Schedule Private Classes



New 2019 Season Class Schedule Be sure to check-in with Coach Kirk for any students already enrolled that may need day and time changes

NEW STUDENTS e-mail for 1-Free Gymnastics Evaluation Class

New Olympic Style Routines 2014-2021 Competitive Instruction

REGISTERING for Instructional classes are available and 

          Accepted throughout the Season

Day & Time may vary due to limited class size and level

        click on High Altitude Camps in the menu bar for more info  




Our Mission: Seeking sponsors for endowment funds to support long-term children's educational health sport programs in Montrose, Colorado 

501 (c ) 3 info available 

 go to Donations Page 

How Funds are used:

* Sponsorship Funds for Children's Sport Activities

* Educational Learning Equipment

* Community Health Programs

* Special Needs Programs

*Incentives, including posters, & T-shirts


Searching for new techniques to enhance your Level of Fitness or an Extra Edge of Power? Let us help you design a specific health-wellness training camp program  and place into action in a natural High Altitude environment Cross-Training Campus (8,400 - 10,640 ft.)

 Sport Fitness Trainers, are Welcome to attend with your Sport Team, or Athletes:  Gymnastics ~ Strength & Conditioning ~ Health & Wellness ~ MMA ~ Judo ~ Karate ~ Track ~ Climbing ~ Music ~ Spiritual Education ~ Business Staff or Fitness Reprieve. 

Schedule for a designed fitness program that includes: Over-night Accommodations and Meals at  the High Altitude Cross-Training Campus

                    " Private High Altitude Sport Team Camps "                

We ask that your requests are first discussed to understand your specific fitness or health related needs.  We than design and structure the most suitable outlined program to follow.  Using our proven step by step high altitude methods, combined with the natural high altitude environment might just be the extra 'edge' needed to provide health benefits you are seeking. Snow Shadow Gym offers a wide variety of natural health and sport training activities, methods and technique designs.

Coach Kirk

Coach Kirk specializes in 

High Altitude Cross Training

Schedule a High Altitude Camp sport  or fitness program designed specifically for your needs

Beginner Level Week: 1 HACT Aerobic Acclimatization Method

SSGHACT Camp: Andrea Leading Kacy, center from Olathe, CO USA,  Nicole from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Guided  9,000 ft. "HIKE for HEALTH" Treks are also offered for individual groups

  • Intermediate Level Week 2
  • 2 nights 3 days SSGHACT Acclimatization Base camp

Campers set up tents and relax as natural acclimatization process continues before reaching SSGHACT campus at 10,640 ft.

Week 3: A few SSTTI / HAC-T Summer campers

cooling off at 9,330 ft. (below)

Family Plans are a great way to exercise with your whole family or friends. Activity Form must be signed by parent to participate. 


 Schedule your next private group activity or educational fitness field-trip. (Call for Group Rate)

 Parents! Play-A-Round or let the kid's play while you get a workout in the Fitness Exercise room. Check back for Special Event Day Activities.

For more information about High Altitude Cross-Training Camps
Click on: High Altitude Camp page

Copyright 09- 2020 Snow Shadow Gymnastics and High Altitude Cross-Training, Almont, CO  


 Snow Shadow Gymnastics High Altitude Cross-Training


"Leadership Foundation"

Coach Kirk Program Director of Snow Shadow is scheduling a short-term Sabbatical Educational Health Study reprieve.

Update will be posted soon.

Hi! Welcome to
Snow Shadow Gymnastics Coach
 is now Launching a New In-Home Fitness Design :)
I will be your guide,

For Gymnastics Click on 


and follow me...

For Virtual and Reality Fitness exercise Video clips and assignments. FOLLOW DEW BORG** to begin your Journey to Better Fitness.


Click on:

Snow Shadow Gym Virtual Reality Fitness

in the Menu bar

USA Gymnastics State Championships

Natasha, Jhosline, Emmy

Snow Shadow High Altitude Ninja Fitness Camp  ?

New 2019 SSG USAG Women's Jr. Olympic Team Members will be announced soon.
Loyalty * Dedication * True Team Spirit is a Requirement


 *  A  peek inside Snow Shadow Gym * Below 

    SSG High Altitude Cross-Training Summer Camp Fitness

SSG High Altitude Health Check was first established in 1992 with follow up for health benefits gained while in a pristine high altitude environment...

Participation Physical Exam

SUMMER CAMP is out of this world...   Timberline view: is the altitude or limit beyond which trees grow in mountainous or arctic regions do to lower oxygen levels.


 Mara & Haley at State Championships

Sincere Appreciation to Sensei Demura for sending top Shito Ryu Gen- Bu Kai teachers for 2015 Seminar and testing.
Much Appreciation Grand-master Yi, Jong Hak for your endless wisdom in sharing Hapkido instruction here at Snow Shadow Dojo

A special Thanks to

"All Those Who Care"

that attended our 15th  Annual Benefit Banquet at 

Montrose Pavilion Event Center for support of the

Snow Shadow Gymnastics Alternative Developmental Enrichment Program


In-Door Mini-Golf


Thanks to all the families that attended Snow Shadow Gymnastics Mini-Golf 

 and Gymnastics


Indoor Aerobic  conditioning before an outdoor Aerobic High Altitude Trek  is a SSG preventative health tip


Hammered Copper Necklaces Hand Carved Alabaster by BEE.K

Snow Shadow Altitude Training 'Hike for Health'  Sport Fitness and Educational Adventures 


Classroom Setting for rules, safety, techniques  & methods with Hands-On Outdoor Activity included 

 A special Salute to our Father  and to all Veterans and their family members.

Above: Ret. Colonel Francis J. Kirk (Dad) Above: Refueling has come a long way.


Mix it up with Martial Arts: Stand-Up techniques with Corner Coach Harris. (below)

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